• 96%

    of consumers search for
    businesses online

  • 6.1+

    billion Google searches 
    per day

  • 77%

    of searchers never 
    go past page 1

  • Welcome to Brand That Name a SEO company based in Leeds but also serving Bradford and the whole of Yorkshire. Brand That Name is run by me, Chris Scott and my small team of web designers. I has over 5 years of experience in search engine optimisation and internet marketing. We at Brand That Name are part of a global SEO mastermind group which includes some of the worlds top SEO experts. Being part of this group enables us to stay up to date with latest cutting edge ranking techniques and strategies to keep our clients ahead of the game. Your Business is losing money to your competitors if you are not ranking on the first page of the search engines. In todays society people no longer reach for the yellow pages or the Thompson Local when they want to find a local service. Instead they pick up their laptop/tablet/smartphone and open a search engine page. Most business services have more than 10 competitors in each local area and even if you are ranking on the first page if you are not in the top 3, you will not be seen. Click here to see what percentage of business each position gets. Brand That Name specialises in designing mobile optimised websites which are found higher on Google mobile searches helping you dominate your competition. We provide your business with a free SEO report and website analysis, and then give you a tailor made strategy for improving your rankings. Is your business based in Leeds or anywhere in Yorkshire? Then contact us on 07468 451 558 to get started today with the right SEO company.

  • What We Do

    Brand That Name provides local business's with vital visibility in search engine rankings. Front page rankings can provide a constant flow of leads to either generate 100% of a companies business or supplement existing marketing and advertising. Either way increase your exposure, grow your customer base and generate more revenue with our SEO services.

  • Our Approach

    Today, now more than ever Google and the other search engines are using brand signals as a sign of trust, when deciding who gets on that all important front page. We here at Brand That Name focuses our SEO strategy around the building of these signals, to provide an online brand identity, done by using an industry leading Social Stacking Stream.

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  • "We have already surpassed the numbers we were getting with Adwords. This is simply amazing! Our marketing guy was looking at it and he has several clients who also want to get involved."

    Dennis S. Alexander

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    Rencently we had a client approach us who wanted to rank a site on Google Italy. We had never tried to rank a website outside the UK or USA, so we decided ...

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